About us

BLImmo is your real estate agency in Luxembourg. Our services are covering both the purchase / sale and rental of real estate.

On this page, you will find some information about us.

My name is Ludovic Balon, I have been working as an engineer for 20 years in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Housing is a product where many techniques are used. It’s not just something to sell or rent. This is why choosing a partner with a technical background is certainly an advantage.

Ludovic Balon - Real Estate Agent

At BLImmo, whether the client is a buyer, a seller, a lessor or a tenant, the objective always remains the same: satisfy you! 

To do this, here are 3 keywords that characterize your agency:


For your benefit, quality at all stages of your project must be ensured. A small example is better than a long speech. If you want to sell or rent a property, it is essential that it is well advertised. Sometimes this requires the support of a professional photographer. BLImmo does not hesitate to use such services.


What could be more annoying than a professional who makes good promises to you and who does not keep them. Think, for example, of meeting deadlines. Working with BLImmo, you are giving a task to someone who will always do everything to respect the commitments made.


You probably don’t have a moment to lose. In our busy lives, choosing a well organized real estate agent is the best guarantee not to waste time unnecessarily.

As you can see, at BLImmo, customer service is not an empty word. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you !