Why working with a real estate agent ?

A real estate agent is expensive ! Why not sell / rent alone ? After all, it’s easy, a few clicks on the internet and voila !

Yes, BUT…

The property valuation

  • You are sellers or lessors, how will you assess your property / define your rent ?
    For most owners, real estate has sentimental value. This makes it even more difficult to objectively determine its market value.
  • If you overvalue, you risk the “rotting” effect. Potential buyers / tenants will see your advertisement, see that it is too expensive and then go their way. After a while, your ad will go completely unnoticed and will be relegated to the bottom of the advertiser’s site ranking. A few months later, you will still not have sold and your property will somehow be “toasted” on the market. On the contrary, if you undervalue, you will lose money.
  • You are buyers or tenants, how will you judge that you are not paying too much ?
  • A real estate agent can best guide you when determining the sale / rental price of a given property.

You want to buy a property

  • On the one hand, there is big money involved and on the other hand, choosing a housing generally has a long-term effect on our everyday life. For these reasons, no one wants to make a mistake.
  • The real estate agent can guide you so that your choice is the one that allows you to accomplish your life project. He can also tell you what you may not want to hear but which will be necessary for you to make THE right choice.

The marketing

  • Once the value of the property has been determined, you will need to advertise it to sell it as best as possible.
  • Your agent will take care of this process by
    • activating its network
    • choosing the right communication channels
    • using a good photographer
    • doing some home staging

Find the right customer

  • To sell / rent your property, you will need to find the right customer 
    • Are you ready to answer the flood of phone calls? 
    • Are you ready to spend hours of your time showing potential buyers / tenants the house? 
    • How are you going to select the right person ? 
    • Are you ready to manage the offers ?
  • Your real estate agent will take the necessary time, it’s his job. Plus, he knows how to select the right client and will not hesitate to ask the “embarrassing” questions that you might not dare to ask.

The legislation

  • Do you feel ready to draft / sign a sales agreement or a lease contract ?
  • The profession of real estate agent is regulated. To be able to exercise, it is necessary to take courses and pass exams. The government has decided to condition access to the profession, because it is necessary to master the legal aspects governing real estate transactions.

Housing aids

Do you know the different types of aid that the state could grant you? Your agent can advise you.

Follow the changes

Like all fields, things are moving fast in real estate, it is important to keep abreast of changes. Your professional regularly undergoes training to stay permanently up to date.

As you can see, even if sometimes there are happy cases, selling / renting on your own you could fall into traps.


Yes, using a real estate agent comes at a cost, but isn’t it worth it ? Convinced ? Do not hesitate to check our services and contact us, BLImmo is always by your side !