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Why a Materials page on our website ?

Why a Materials page on our website ? Our main job is to assist you in your real estate transactions, but we also want to help you with your renovations. This is even more in the current context of rising prices. As an individual, you do not frequently need a materials store.

The seller knows this and therefore has little interest in offering you a big discount. Thanks to our partnership with BATIPRO, you benefit from the volume effect of BLImmo and you get reduced prices on quality materials !

How does it work?

  • 1. You go to the Bertrange showroom (30, rue de l'industrie L-8069 Bertrange) to make your choice. You will benefit from expert advice. Don’t forget to indicate you are in contact with BLImmo.
  • 2. You get a quote from BATIPRO*.
  • 3. You send us the quote and we get back to you with your BLImmo price.
  • 4. You pay our bill.
  • 5. You are delivered to your home by BATIPRO.

A question ? Contact-us

*Offer valid in Luxembourg as well as in France, Belgium and Germany, applicable to quotes of at least 1000 EUR including VAT.

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