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  • Salary and real estate market in Luxemburg

    Have you ever wondered who could buy your property and at what price?

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  • States help for the purchase of a dwelling in Luxembourg

    Did you know that in Luxembourg, you can benefit from state helps for the acquisition of a dwelling? To benefit from it, the property must be intended to become your main residence. Below, you will find more explanation about the two main helps.

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  • On the way to a new equilibrium...

    The Observatoire de l'Habitat has just released its latest report, unsurprisingly, it announces that selling prices are on the decline.
    The transaction volume is also significantly reduced.

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  • How to improve the energy pass of your property ?

    As you have already seen, houses with a good energy pass are more valuable / sell better than the others. This trend is only increasing.
    What can you do to improve your property?

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  • Real estate sale following an inheritance = taxation ?

    You have just inherited your parents' house.  Since this is in direct line, you have not paid taxes.  In the family, everyone is housed, your decision is to sell this property.  Will you be taxed on this sale ?

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  • Separation: how to proceed with your joint property?

    That’s life, you separate, there remains the question of the sale of the property which you jointly own.
    If you want to avoid months / years of legal proceedings, you will have to agree.

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  • What outcome for housing in Luxembourg ?

    It must be admitted, the atmosphere is not festive on the Luxembourg real estate market. How will this crisis unravel, that is the question?

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  • In today's market, should you be flexible about the asking price of your property?

    You have time and you have already experienced it in the past, if you want to reach a given selling price, you just have to wait. But is this still true ?

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  • Why is my agent asking me for so many supporting documents ?

    It so often happens that I have to justify why I am requesting certain documents...
    In the same way as a bank, a notary or other actors, real estate agents are subject to anti-money laundering legislation.

    What consequences ?

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  • Should we wait for a fall in real estate prices to buy ?

    Already well before this particular period, but even more today, some people are putting their project on hold while waiting for a drop in real estate prices. Is this a good calculation? As always, it depends on which angle the situation is analyzed.

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