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  • How to calculate the price of your property?

    Real estate valuation is a vast subject. During the courses to access the profession of real estate agent, three short hours are devoted to this theme. Let's be honest, it's far from enough to be able to make a correct estimate.

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  • Tips for choosing a real estate agent

    As in all professions, some are doing a great job and others don’t. The profession of real estate agent generally gets a bad press. Easy money, staff not always qualified, the grievances are numerous.
    Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

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  • Understanding the energy pass

    You don't need to be a specialist to decipher an energy passport. This article explains how to understand it and summarizes what is important in this key document.

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  • Owner or buyer, what are the solutions to get through the crisis?

    With rising borrowing rates, for many, it has become difficult to buy a property. Many homeowners also find it difficult to pay their monthly loan payments and just keep their dwelling.
    Let's concentrate on some potential solutions.

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  • Want to sell or buy? What about real estate portals?

    In Luxembourg, when it comes to property searches, atHome is by far at the top of people's minds.
    Rightly or wrongly?

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  • Did the real estake market in Luxemburg really changed ?

    We are in the middle of a real estate crisis, nothing is sold in Luxemburg!

    Really ?

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  • Salary and real estate market in Luxemburg

    Have you ever wondered who could buy your property and at what price?

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  • States help for the purchase of a dwelling in Luxembourg

    Did you know that in Luxembourg, you can benefit from state helps for the acquisition of a dwelling? To benefit from it, the property must be intended to become your main residence. Below, you will find more explanation about the two main helps.

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  • On the way to a new equilibrium...

    The Observatoire de l'Habitat has just released its latest report, unsurprisingly, it announces that selling prices are on the decline.
    The transaction volume is also significantly reduced.

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  • How to improve the energy pass of your property ?

    As you have already seen, houses with a good energy pass are more valuable / sell better than the others. This trend is only increasing.
    What can you do to improve your property?

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