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The « rotting effect » applied to real estate

Do you like apples ?

It's seasonal, a good opportunity to explain you the "rotting effect" in real estate. Let's imagine you want to sell apples. In your eyes, they are the best in the world, price 1000€/kg. A few weeks later, unfortunately, the apples didn't sell and they are now far less attractive. They even start to rot. Only one solution: sell them off ! In real estate, the first weeks after placing a property on the market are crucial, this is when your property will be seen the most. Displayed at a too high price, buyers will pass on the ad of your property without stopping and the it will quickly be relegated to the bottom of the ranking on real estate portals. Just like the apples, you will then have to lower the price more than you wish to attract attention again. How to avoid this pitfall ? By publishing at the right price, neither too high nor too low. Making an estimate is not easy, but it's also a common task of your real estate agent.


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