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Separation: how to proceed with your joint property?

That’s life, you separate, there remains the question of the sale of the property which you jointly own.
This step is often necessary to be able to turn the page emotionally and to access new projects. From a financial point of view, the property often represents a large sum of money blocked pending a solution.
If you want to avoid months / years of legal proceedings, you will have to agree.

Here are some questions that will naturally arise:
Is one of you interested in buying the housing ? Are you open to this solution? If yes, at what price?
When do you want to sell?
If this is not regulated by any contract, by what percentage will you share?

Do you find it difficult to raise these questions directly with your ex-partner? Can't decide on a price? Have you decided to put the property up for sale? 

For all this, the real estate agent can help you.
My advice, pick just one! Why would you each have an agent? It doesn't really matter whether one of you knows him or not, the only way for the agent to earn a commission is to sell. To do so, he must remain neutral.
Keeping a single intermediary who can help you get along to reach your goal is the best chance of success.
If put on the market, you will also avoid seeing your property listed several times potentially at different prices or with different surfaces. It only devalues your property.


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