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Salary and real estate market in Luxemburg

Have you ever wondered who could buy your property and at what price?

STATEC publishes statistics on median salaries by municipality.   Knowing the borrowing rates and making a few assumptions, it is possible to deduce what maximum price a property could have so that 50% of the population of a given municipality could acquire it.

Of course, all situations are different. Here, we studied the case of a couple of first-time buyers with 2 children and €50,000 down.

On the one hand, in Wiltz, the 50% with the highest incomes could afford a property for €358k excluding fees. In Niederanven, this amount increases to €852k.

Who do you want to reach? The price at which your property will be listed has a big impact and should not be the result of a guess.

11 Sep 23


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