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Want to sell or buy? What about real estate portals?

In Luxembourg, when it comes to property searches, atHome is by far at the top of people's minds.
Rightly or wrongly? 

To answer that, you let’s look at the numbers.  At BLImmo, we use a software that centralizes all the contacts received from each of the real estate portals and directly from our website. 
The graph below shows you the contacts received rentals from the different platforms for our sales and over the last 6 months. 
atHome is well ranked, it brings us about 35% of our contacts.  It also means that other sources bring us 65% of potential customers.  That's why we firmly believe in being multi-channel to reach as many people as possible.

Probably these results surprise you, here's a little more explanation. 

As you know, the real estate sector is not in the best shape.  Real estate agencies are suffering.  Being multi-channel is expensive.  In terms of subscription, atHome is by far the most expensive of the portals.  Some agencies have decided, as a cost-saving measure, to work only with them.  Others have chosen to work only with one or more competitors.
That's why, today, the market is more fragmented.  This is evidenced by the number of properties for sale and rent in Luxembourg listed at the time of writing this article: Wortimmo - 17080, Immotop - 13726, atHome - 23147.  Vivi, the Real Estate portal of the Chambre Immobilière, is not yet at the level of these heavyweights, but it is still constantly growing.  In addition, there are a few newcomers who are listing less properties so far, but to be followed, they may grow up!

So what can I advise you?

If you're a seller, ask your agent which portals they post on.  The heavyweights are atHome, Immotop and Wortimmo.  In addition to making sure you reach as many people as possible, if your agency manages to finance three or more portals in turbulent time, it is because it has a strong backbone.  On the other hand, if your agent publishes on Vivi, it is because he is a member of Chambre Immobilière.  He/She therefore agreed to sign and submit to a code of ethics.  Isn't that a good sign in this profession?
As a buyer, don't limit your search to atHome.  The time when almost all the properties were there is over.  The other portals will make you discover properties that are not with the leader.

13 Nov 23


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