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Owner or buyer, what are the solutions to get through the crisis?

With rising borrowing rates, for many, it has become difficult to buy a property. Many homeowners also find it difficult to pay their monthly loan payments and just keep their dwelling.
These topics are at the heart of many discussions in families. Sometimes grandparents would like to help their children and grandchildren, but the means are lacking.

Here are two solutions that could, in some cases, help overcome the crisis.

Some homeowners whose children no longer live at home report that their home is too big for them. Loneliness is another topic that is often raised.
Creating an integrated dwelling provides an answer to both of these concerns and also allows to generate a rental income. The goal is to create an additional self-contained unit inside your home.
The icing on the cake is that the Luxembourg government encourages you with a €20,000 subvention.
Of course, you will need to obtain a building permit from the municipality before starting the work. The dwelling must also, of course, meet the criteria of habitability and healthiness.

Another solution is the sale of a life annuity.
Seniors don't want to leave their homes, but receiving a nice sum of money would allow them to help the family.
This is what an occupied life annuity allows.
You stay to your home as much as you want and you receive part of the amount of the sale directly at the notary deed and the remaining on a monthly annuity.

You are interested in the subject, you have questions, you want to know more ?  Don't hesitate to contact us, it's our pleasure to inform you.

16 Jan 23


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