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Understanding the energy pass

If you have any doubts about the year the building was built or the area to be heated (energy reference surface), you will find this information on the first page.  On this page you will also see when the passport was issued and its validity limit.

Regarding the 3 letters, it is more interesting to go to page 2. There you will find a color scale.

The first letter represents the building's energy consumption. This letter depends on the insulation of the property and the means used to heat the building. Luxembourg intends to increase the use of heat pumps and pellets. To get a good score, the property will need to be equipped with one of these two technologies. The 3rd letter is very often the same as the first one. It gives a picture of the environmental impact of the energy source. Energy sources such as gas and oil are rated lower.

The 2nd letter depends on the heating needs of the building. These needs are directly related to the building's insulation and airtightness. A building with an insulating façade, an insulated roof, triple glazing, double flow ventilation, good orientation and good execution that limits air leakage will score well. If you don't have any of that, expect to be at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Page 3 provides a description of the technical equipment used to heat the building and the domestic hot water. It also includes the theoretical consumption of these devices.

Unfortunately, page 4 is not often filled. It shows the actual consumption of the building during the 4 years following the completion of the passport. This is very interesting information since it is this consumption that you pay for in practice.

Page 5 is also not always filled. Still, it is very useful. It shows you, in order of importance, the measures you can take to improve the energy class of the building as well as the projected savings. You will also find the total improvement if all measures are applied. This gives an idea of the potential of the building after renovation.

To be able to sell a property, you must have a valid energy passport. Ask your provider to fill out the last page. In the event of a sale, visitors often ask how to achieve a better energy class.

As a buyer, take the time to consult this document. The value of the property is very much linked to its passport/potential for improvement.

Do you have any questions on the subject? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you. If this is beyond our expertise, we can guide you to a professional.


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