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  • Why is my agent asking me for so many supporting documents ?

    It so often happens that I have to justify why I am requesting certain documents...
    In the same way as a bank, a notary or other actors, real estate agents are subject to anti-money laundering legislation.

    What consequences ?

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  • Should we wait for a fall in real estate prices to buy ?

    Already well before this particular period, but even more today, some people are putting their project on hold while waiting for a drop in real estate prices. Is this a good calculation? As always, it depends on which angle the situation is analyzed.

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  • Why shouldn't you rely on ads asking prices to estimate your property ?

    In the light of the latest figures from the Observatoire de l'Habitat, we are going to show you why you should not rely on advertisements to estimate your property.The graph below gives the difference, municipality by municipality, between the recorded...

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  • The « rotting effect » applied to real estate

    Do you like apples ? It's seasonal, a good opportunity to explain you the "rotting effect" in real estate. Let's imagine you want to sell apples. In your eyes, they are the best in the world, price 1000€/kg. A few weeks later, unfortunately, the...

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  • The financing of the project

    Have you ever heard about bank agreement problems ? A buyer told me a while ago that his house (for sale to carry out his project) was 11 X under sale agreement ! Are you a buyer? It is essential to think about the financing of your project before...

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  • The choice of the notary

    Who chooses the notary in the event of the sale of a property ? Seller and buyer can both have a different notary, at no extra cost. The deed generally takes place at the buyer's notary. Even if some market players will recommend a notary to you because...

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